Client Background

The client, Vennd Technologies, is the provider of custom software and service solutions for the Property and Casualty insurance industry. They have an extensive vendor management database that can cater to any Property and Casualty service for related claim handling processing in the most efficient and effective manner.


Addressing a typical property claim can involve multiple Job Types like Structural Repair, Specialty Services, TPA etc and each Job Type needs an appropriate expert vendor to specifically handle the job with expertise. Building a system to combine all the required Job types and Service Types, assigning them to eligible vendors or contractors and managing all the assignment under a single claim umbrella was a big challenge for the client. Also, the client needed a SAAS based solution so as to be able to market it as a Service to Insurance companies.


Having worked with Rheal earlier on other Insurance products and believing in our capabilities, Vennd Technologies chose Rheal Software as their strategic development partner to accomplish the development of this challenging system.

We developed an integrated system that could cater to different Job Types/Service types and manage all the related Claim assignments for the different Job Types/Service Types as one Claim unit.

The system also provides the ability to build a comprehensive network of Contractors that could service a multitude of Job Types and Service Types.

The system is designed to scale to any number of Job Types/Service Types and also build and apply rules that could automate the Assignment creation process based on different Line of Business.

  The Result

Rheal developed a comprehensive SAAS based solution that met the exact requirements of the client in terms of managing the different Jobs for a Claim and being able to track every detail relevant to the claim processing including the financials.

"Rheal Software has been an incredibly valuable partner to Vennd Technologies in developing and maintaining the applications utilized in running our business. Their leadership team and staff bring strong technical expertise, creativity and commitment to excellence to everything that they work on. I highly recommend their companies' services whether it be on a perpetual or point-in-time project basis."

Mark Burnam
CEO & President, Vennd Technologies, LLC