Legacy App Migration

Organizations worldwide have been running on a large installed base of legacy applications that have evolved over the years and across various platforms. In the new digital age, global businesses demand greater performance efficiency and web-enabled interactivity. Rheal can help you keep your software and applications relevant and useful in the modern digital landscape.

We help you with migrating to the web with the dual objective of leveraging the knowledge captured in your legacy applications while maximizing the performance potential of the latest technologies. With our expertise in web enabling legacy applications as well as client-server/desktop applications, we help you make the most of the evolving world of technology and the web.

We provide expertise in migrating legacy applications from a variety of legacy platforms such as VB6, Delphi, FoxPro, Access, Clarion, etc. to .Net.

By re-architecting legacy applications to a web enabled systems, we ensure that you realize greater business value through:

  • Greater customer and end user satisfaction
  • Benefits from upgrading to an up-to-date technology platform
  • Reduction of application support risk the moving away from legacy platforms or languages where vendor support is not available, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • Overcoming difficulty in staffing for diverse platforms with the required skill personnel