Client Background

Based out of London, ehouse was established around 15 years ago and is primarily in the business of producing photos, brochures, videos and other digital and print media to help their clients. Their clientele predominantly consists of real estate companies who buy or sell high value properties on behalf of the owners/end users.


ehouse had an existing home grown VB6 based desktop application for managing their orders. They had also developed a small web application that enabled their clients to track their order status. As the scale of business grew, ehouse found it increasingly difficult to manage their orders through the use of these legacy systems due to the following limitations in them:

There was no automated scheduling and assignment of photographers to the various orders/jobs and had to be done manually.

There was no provision in the system that allowed the photographer to upload the photographs remotely. Instead the photographers had to physically bring them in to their offices to load them into the system.

Further, there was no automated mechanism of sharing the raw images with the sub-contractors and it had to be done manually as well.

The clients could not view real time status of their orders.


ehouse contracted with Rheal to help develop a solution which would address the above problems and help them automate their workflow to the maximum possible extent. We initially built a photographer booking system which helped them streamline their photographer booking process by providing options to choose the right photographer for an order based on his availability, his current location and the requirements of the property owner.

We then built another system which facilitated seamless sharing of the photographs and other content between the Photographers and employees involved in the workflow, e.g. image processors, video editors, floorplan draftsmen, thus eliminating the need for manual exchange of the content.

As the third step of our solution, we rewrote their web application and integrated it with the desktop application such that the orders status could be tracked at real time. This helped all the stakeholders integrate and streamline their respective schedules and helped ehouse reduce their turnaround time for the orders.

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  The Result

Through the use of Rheal's services, ehouse was able to completely automate their order workflow and was able to dramatically increase the number of orders they serviced per month with little addition in their staff. This helped them widen their customer base and also reduce their costs due to elimination of manual input.

"We original chose Rheal over the competition because they offered solutions across a variety of languages and a one stop shop for all our development needs, SQL, desktop and web, and we liked the way they came across, suggesting ideas and not just agreeing with our thoughts. Given our size, we wouldn't be able to afford a full development team based in the UK. Effectively we're buying that experience and breadth of knowledge without having to employ a vast team in the UK, which in turn enables us to be leaner and scale up and down as our business demands. Another key benefit to Rheal is that for our budget we have a team working for us which ensures as people move on, some continuity of knowledge of our systems and it has removed succession planning and other HR functions from us. We have enjoyed a long relationship with Rheal and haven't looked to move to a competitor simply because they continue to provide us with a good quality of service, and when it does go wrong they put their hands up and put it right. Their influence on our business has been paramount in our success; like most modern businesses, we are completely reliant on our technology for our operations and our flexibility and speed to develop has consistently proved itself to be a competitive advantage and has helped us build a 20% market share in our industry."

Ben Filmore
Managing Director, eHouse Limited