Client Background

The client is a pioneer in electronic collaboration and online electronic Warrant for judicial and law enforcement agencies. Their product and processes help Judges and Police Officers to issue Warrant electronically within a couple of minutes as compared to traditional methods that take hours to issue a Warrant.


Warrant issuance requires a collaborative effort by the Police officers and Judges and as such can take several hours to generate and issue a Warrant. A general manual process would consist of the following steps that could take typically 2 hours or more to generate an Arrest Warrant:

  • Officer identifies the situation that demands action
  • Drives to the Police Station to complete manual paper work to write a warrant
  • Prepares a Warrant
  • Seeks approval from all reviewers before contacting judge
  • Checks and confirms the location of judge
  • Drives to obtain signature on Warrant
  • Apprises the judge of the crime and establishes the rationality for the Arrest Warrant
  • Returns with the Warrant to arrest the accused

The client was looking for a Web based solution capable of transforming the manual process into an automated system that could collaborate with Police Officers and Judges virtually and speed up the Warrant issuance process and for which they chose Rheal as their software development partner.


Rheal developed a Web based solution that could be setup in the environment of a Law enforcement or Judicial agency. The system is a real time online collaboration of the Police officers and Judges to report, discuss, collaborate and generate the warrants and offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce time and effort of the officer/judge
  • Reduce Cost
  • Eliminate hand written Warrant writing
  • Contact the judge anytime
  • Circumvent any loss of evidence

  The Result

Rheal has developed 3 major products EWI (Electronic Warrant Interchange), CDCS (Court Document Collaborative system) and anywhere WARRANT that has helped many Law enforcement agencies in the US counties with their Case management and Warrant issuance process.