Client Background

Segall Group is a progressive commercial real estate firm focused on retail tenant and landlord representation. They are active throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and our clients cover the retail spectrum, from category-leading national retailers to innovative concepts new to the market. On the Landlord side, our leasing assignments range from neighborhood shopping centers to mixed-use projects.


In order to increase their property coverage, the client wanted to create a database of property locations that could be prospectively represented for lease or sale. At the same time, they also wanted to collaborate with brokers or agents who would help them locate such properties that could be identified for their clients based on their specific property requirements. This created a need for an application that could house a database of properties that was searchable based on various geographic criteria and was able to represent those locations on a map plotted as points, create a database of brokers and have the system generate a methodology to pay the brokers based on a complex logic that aided the commission calculations.


We analyzed and understood their requirements and embarked on the opportunity to serve them and develop a customized software solution that would meet their requirements. We designed a web application based on Microsoft's .Net platform using the MVC framework with Web API. We chose Web API keeping in mind the client's requirement to be able to port the application to mobile devices in future without having to rework their business logic. We also implemented Google maps feature that could plot the searched locations on the map and provide the summarized information of a specific property that represented the point on the map.

The application provided the necessary interfaces and modules for the following:-

  • Registration of new properties complete with topographical information and other information such as area, use, sale price etc that helped in creating a database of property locations with index able search criteria.
  • Addition of new brokers to create and manage a database of Brokers or Agents.
  • Registration of Property Deals that involved specific brokers who helped materialize the deal.
  • Development of a complex calculation engine as per the clients' requirement to arrive at a Broker's commission specific to a Property deal.

  The Result

The solution helped the client to create a database of properties, analyze site selection and search & filter prospective locations based on the real estate needs of their clients. This immensely helped them increase their target clients and subsequently increase their sales. The broker database further boosted their sales as they were now able to create new partnerships with other brokers that they didn't have access to earlier. All in all, the new software system has provided them with an innovative way to manage and grow their clientele.

"Custom application development is no easy task. With their technological expertise and client focused design process, Rheal helped turn our ideas into reality. From the initial interaction to phase deployment, Rheal provided accurate projection of critical tasks, limitations, and timeline to accomplish our goals. Rheal's responsive developers provided us timely feedback and recommendations throughout the build, keeping our project on track and on budget. We would highly recommend them to any business seeking development of their application projects."

Arik Jakob
Principal, Segall Group