Client Background

The client is a UK based leading service provider in the healthcare industry, helping the city council groups monitor the proper utilization of government funds. Their SAAS web application helps the CCGs track and review care provided to patients in their council by various service domiciliary and residential service providers.


  • The primary challenge for the client was to maintain the security of data of each CCGs by completely isolating them from one another while also ensuring that the application remained maintainable.
  • The cost structures of residential providers and domiciliary care providers was completely different. The residential cost was based on days and the domiciliary cost was based on Hours or sometimes even in minutes. So ensuring that a common system would be able to track both was a challenge.
  • Even between the domiciliary care providers, there were differences in their cost structures. The rates were based on the duration of service and had various other possibilities. The screens needed to be designed in such a way that it could cater to all providers irrespective of the cost structures.
  • When a new CCGs signed up, they used to provide their list of clients, providers and the cost structures in excel sheets. They needed a way to load up this information into the system easily and without too much manual intervention.


The client contracted with Rheal to help develop a solution which would address the above problems and help them automate their workflow to the maximum possible extent. We built the application using a SAAS model with the following key features.

  • We implemented security by segregating the data for each CCG and enabled controlled access to the same via their respective logins.
  • To handle the different cost structures, we built a screen for capturing the rates based on 15 minute intervals. The user was presented time slots of 15 minutes for a time frame of 12 hours in one screen. This helped them track all the time spent and improved their efficiency. Further, in addition to simply selecting by a click in each cell, we also added the functionality to add another service in that same time slot thus.

  The Result

The SAAS application helped the client grow their customer base easily as it was now easy to manage the different cost structures while maintaining security of data. The provision to import the patients, providers and rate cards helped reduce the time required for a CCG sign up to less than a week. The improved user interface built using Telerik controls helped increase satisfaction amongst existing clients as the new user interface was much easier to use.