Client Background

Based in the US, this is a software company that sells the Claims Management System as a SAAS product designed for the needs of Adjusters. It mainly services clients in the US, UK and Canada. It was also ranked as one of the leading CMS application in the industry.


It was challenging and inconvenient for the adjusters to work on the claims while on the catastrophe site using their laptops. Therefore, adjusters use to take notes of time and expense, click the photos using the camera or mobile phones and then transfer the data and upload photos to the CMS application when back in the office. This caused a delay, and there was no real-time update on the claim information.


A mobile app was built, which provided easy access to all the claims. The built-in integration with google maps to navigate to the next loss, and improve the efficiency by posting labelled photos, documents, notes and entering time and expense while still in the field. Following features were provided in the mobile app,

  • Search for claims by File#, Claim#, Status, Loss Type. Have access to the same claims as in the web application.
  • View Loss Location address and click to view and navigate via google maps.
  • Enter Time and Expense (Hours, Mileage, Expense only).
  • Take (or select), upload and caption photos.
  • Enter Notes, and view all existing notes for any file.
  • Update dates included: First Contact, Inspection and Policy Effective/Expiration Dates.

  The Result

The mobile app solution helped adjusters to update the critical claim information which appeared in CMS web application in real-time. It helped in reducing the claim processing time and increased the claim processing capability and also saved the efforts of adjusters to capture data and later transfer to the web application manually.