Client Background

BLD consulting had a vision of developing tools that would help fire departments to view and analyse their data in a simpler and effective way that would help in improvising their operations. The existing Fire RMS systems lack the ability to analyze the data being captured. Hence the client was interested in designed a business intelligence tool to help the fire department analyze their data and in turn fill in the gaps between the incident time and response time.


The existing Fire RMS tools available were good at collecting data and reporting Fire Department activities such as Fire Incidents, EMS, Occupancy, Training, Vehicle Maintenance data. However they all lacked in validating the data, eliminating Dual Entry of Training Data and, most of all, helping them analyse the data in an intuitive user friendly manner.


Rheal restructured their existing Reviewer tools and also developed new tools for the EPCR, Training and Occupancy modules. We also developed utilities to import data from the files (external to FireRMS) to their database. The Maps help the fire department identify the incidents by category like Fire, Accident etc. This information helps the fire department identify the frequency and nature of the incident in a particular area and are better prepared in terms of equipment/apparatus required to tackle those incidents.

The special study module was designed to identify the status/count of COVID19 patients in the area/city/state. The application plots the Suspected, Recovered and confirmed COVID19 cases related data on the map. This study help the fire fighter identify the area where the concentration of COVID19 affected people are and take necessary measures.

Multi-Level Grouping With Color For Each Group:

Hierarchical Data In Grid:

Conditional Formatting:

Map Group By Incident Category:

Map Special Study COVI19:

  The Result

The redesigned Reviewer tools now help the fire departments get a very well defined picture of the types of incidents occurring in their jurisdiction and also help them plan and divert the required resources to tackle the incidents in a timely manner. The multi-level grouping in the grid has helped the users analyse the data more easily & intuitively. Using the Benchmarking/Conditional formatting, they can easily evaluate the records/incidents that do not meet the set benchmark and hence thee users can work towards taking necessary action quickly.

"We were introduced to Rheal Software from an Linked In recommendation and we are so very glad we reached out to inquire about their data assistance abilities. I am extremely pleased and excited about the working relationship we have developed with your Company Rheal Software. We brought vision and expectations regarding our data projects and we have been amazed at the expertise, experience knowledge and communication skills and understanding their staff has provided to my Company. We have accelerated our timelines and ability to provide Data Tools and Applications through their support and services. We were assigned professional and talented representatives that have been instrumental in delivering quality professional programming support, direction and advice. All communication and discussion has been direct and informative in their guidance and ability to create useful applications from our conceptual ideas. Very Pleased!!!"

Brian Drolet
Owner/Proprietor, BLD Consulting.