Client Background

Exposed Design Group provides creative, efficient, and cost conscious solution for the most demanding concrete and waterproofing jobs across Texas and beyond. They also provide additional specialty service divisions that include Remediation, Floor Coverings, Concrete Surface Coatings, Joint Fillers, Floor Sealers and Consulting for specifications and process recommendations on the building envelope and concrete slab.


The client was manually tracking each project and its progress on multiple Excel spreadsheets. They had several staff members solely responsible for manually entering daily progress into various spreadsheets which encompassed the following activities:

  • Creating the Project for the client.
  • Identifying and assigning the Assemblies for the Project.
  • Assigning the materials for the Assemblies.
  • Creating the Phases for the Assemblies to specify the work done in each assembly.
  • Scheduling the Phases and assigning them to Crew Leader.
  • Creating the Daily work report for those Phases.
  • Consolidating the data to get the various reports.

The above process was done manually through several Excel sheets. It was a cumbersome process as they had to create a separate excel sheet for every Project and sometimes it lead to the creation of multiple Excel sheets for the same project. In addition, they had no easy way of consolidating the data as copying the data from every Excel sheet was a tedious task.

Exposed Floors required a technology partner who could understand their specific needs and have the technical expertise to build a solution to automate & digitize their overall process into an easy to use project management system.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic technology partner. Rheal understood the domain of their industry and developed a web based project management system which provided the following benefits,

  • Consolidated data into one central repository
  • Reduced the overall time in managing the projects
  • Enabled the client to see the updated status of the project easily in a consolidated manner
  • Enabled the crew leaders to provide the daily reporting quickly and with ease
  • Increased the overall efficiency of the system by providing real-time data

The system enables the user to create projects, identify and create assemblies, break down the job into phases, schedule different crew to work on the project/phase on different days based upon their availability and finally, it also generates an efficiency report for each crew and an overall completion & productivity report for each project. For the crew leader, it provides an easy way to provide the daily reporting update to the management off the tasks completed.

Projects List:

Add Edit Project:

Scope Item List In Project:

Scope Items List With Materials And Labor:

Add Edit Scope List:

Add Edit Material In Scope Item List:

Phase Listing In Project Edit:

Add Edit Phase And Assigned Scope Item List In Phase:

Scope Item Assign Screen In Phase:

Phasewise Field Report List:

Field Report List With Search Filter:

Add Edit Field Report - Scope Item List:

Add Edit Field Report - Materials List:

Add Edit Field Report - Extra Material List:

Add Edit Field Report - Equipments List:

Add Edit Field Report - Crew Member List:

Add Edit Field Report - Crew Time Management:

Add Edit Field Report - Allocated Hours:

Add Edit Field Report - POA-Problem Time:

Add Edit User List:

Scope List With Add Edit:

Scope Item List With Add Edit:

Add Edit Material List:

Equipment List With Add Edit:

Crew Member List With Add Edit:

Crew Efficiency Report:

Crew Scheduler:

Excelsheet - Project:

Excelsheet - Field Report:

Excelsheet - Crew Efficiency:

  The Result

With the new system in place, Exposed Floors has been able to realize its vision of automating their manual process flow. They have been able to substantially reduce the manual work that was being done in the Excel spreadsheets and hence eliminate the need for manual data entry. They now have access to real time access to project progress and are easily able to track the progress of all their projects and monitor the productivity and efficiency of their employees.