Client Background

Gera Developments is a dedicated end-to-end real estate organization with in-house architects, engineers and construction crew and are creators of premium residential and commercial projects in Pune, India. They have extended benchmarks in the real estate realm with their constant innovation techniques, which are way ahead of time such as being the first developer to offer a 7 year warranty on their flats, creating India's first ChildCentric project and so on. They focus on using technology driven solutions to enhance and improve their customer service and are constantly on the lookout to use the best available technology that can be leveraged for this.


Gera had an existing customer service mobile app and backend portal written using legacy code. This system was not designed to handle their changing requirements and scale and they were looking to build a new system from the ground up. They had looked at existing off the shelf CRM solutions, but found that none of them met their specific requirements.

Gera required a technology partner who could understand their specific needs and have the technical expertise to build such a solution. They were looking for someone with superlative technical expertise in Microsoft technologies and an ability to build a robust product based on the business requirements provided, while ensuring zero cost overruns.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic partner almost 3 years ago and the development started with a limited set of features. The approach was to first target the customers booking units in their upcoming construction projects and then slowly transition them to the next set of features while their units actually get built. This way the software development would be incremental and coincide with the actual progress in the construction projects. Eventually once the entire application gets built, the existing customers on the legacy system could be migrated to the new platform.

The primary piece of the software solution is the Gera's World of Joy mobile app. This app is envisioned to become the single point interface for Gera's customers allowing them hassle-free interaction with Gera Staff. This mobile app allows customers one touch access for queries and information regarding their purchase.

The application has an escalation module in the backend to ensure queries and requests are responded to in a speedy manner. Offering, never-before transparency, Gera's World of Joy aims for more than just speedy redressal. The features address various processes that the home or commercial space buyer requires during his journey ranging from booking the property till the end of the 5-year defect liability (warranty) period.

Following are some of the key features of this app:

Updates & Info: Customers can access all information regarding their documents, payments, events and even project progress on the go.

Documents: Allows easy access to all documents pertaining to Agreement & Allotment, Financial Documents, Project Approval Documents.

Payments: Provides customers instant access to amounts remitted towards their purchase, outstanding balances due, downloadable receipts and invoices as well.

Project Progress: Offers much-needed transparency for property purchases, periodic photo updates are available at the tap of a button.

Events: Allows customers to be notified about events and has the ability to provide instant RSVPs.

Payment Queries: Any queries the customer has on monetary transactions that concern their purchase, can be raised through this menu option and a speedy resolution is provided to the customers.

Documentation Queries: Queries with respect to documentation regarding their property purchase or requests for non-listed documents can be easily made through this menu option.

Other Requests: This is where customers can raise any request that they may have beyond payments and documentation.

Track Requests: Allows customers the flexibility of real-time tracking, with an option to escalate should they feel the need to.

Virtual Chat: The application is enabled with a virtual assistant to help resolve any questions the customer may have, almost instantly.

Refer a friend: Allows for referrals so customers' acquaintances can also experience the brand.

  The Result

Gera Developments was able to realize its vision of having an end to end Customer Service App and Backend to enhance their service levels because of Rheal's services. The initial version was readily accepted by the customers and Gera Developments has now planned to release the second version with the features that target customers who have already taken possession of their units and Rheal is actively involved in its development.