Client Background

The client is a Netherlands company that specializes in the Sports industry. They are primarily responsible for introducing technology to the sports industry in order make the experience for the sportspersons and viewers an exceptional one. The already have a host of applications that cater to the sports industry in Netherlands.


Cricket being a big thing in Netherlands, the client wanted to use technology to encompass the different aspects of cricket from maintaining teams, scheduling matches, recording scores, displaying results. They had an existing web portal that accomplished this, however the scores were recorded offline on physical paper forms and then they were manually entered in the system. This involved a lot of manual and repeated paperwork. They were looking for a seamless solution that would avoid this manual effort and could be directly integrated into their system.


Rheal proposed a mobile/tablet application that could digitize this process and would directly integrate with their existing application so that the data could flow both ways and avoid any repeated manual effort. Rheal recommended the use Xamarin Forms to build cross mobile platform application that would support both Android Phones and iPhones together as well as be tablets compatible.

The app had the below mentioned functionalities:

  • Schedule of Matches
  • Select Team Players for a Match
  • Record Live Scores
  • Record Scores Offline with limited internet connectivity
  • Scorecard
  • Display Live Scores to the viewers
  • Automate Match Results

  The Result

The mobile/tablet app allowed their scorers to not only keep the score in real time but avoided the manual data entry again which was a big relief for them. The entire process became completely seamless. The client and the club fans were very pleased with the app and Rheal was considered for few of their other projects as well.