Client Background

The client, Jeffrey A Miller Catering, is a prominent leader in the catering world in Philadelphia and their goal is to provide innovative cuisine and extra ordinary hospitality to their customers. They host various corporate events and weddings at exclusive local venues all over the greater Philadelphia area.


The client partners with various local venues to host their events. The sales reps use multiple channels to book these venues. With some of these channels, the process is a manual one, and hence sometimes led to the confusion of the venue getting booked for the same date by multiple reps. This put them in the difficult situation of managing the affected clients. Also since the booking/client info was captured in different places, it created issues of having to enter the data again and there were often instances of wrong data being inputted.

The client required a technology partner who could understand their specific needs and possess the technical expertise to build a solution to ease the issues they were facing throughout their entire process.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic technology partner. Rheal understood the domain of the catering industry and developed a customized Event Venue Booking System which provided the following benefits:

  • Consolidated data from all the channel partners into central repository.
  • Enabled the sales staff to see real time booking status for the venue across all the channel partners.
  • Greatly reduced the overall time required to book a venue.
  • Increased overall efficiency of viewing real time venue booking status and availability.

The solution gives the user the ability to mark the booking with status such as Hold, Permanent Hold and Booked for all the venues. The system also synchronizes the event booking data between various partners through the use of Web API.

The solution comprises of the following sections,

    Admin Section:
  • Search section
  • Location filter section
  • Available view to enter Rental Rate and %
  • Hold view only
  • Booked View to see the confirmed status and the provision to Cancel & Mark the Venue for Availability again
  • Update Menu section (Add and Edit provision)
  • User listing section
  • Add/Edit user section
  • Conflicting Booked events listing
    Sales Person Section:
  • Search section
  • Location filter section
  • Available view
  • Hold view to allow the user to mark the Venue as Hold or Confirm Hold (someone provided the cheque)
  • Booked view to see the confirmed status
  • Hold status Summary screen and to generate PDF and mark the option for the menu selected by the user along with comment section
  • Historical Information for Hold status to retrieve the past information
  • Booked status Summary screen and to generate PDF
    Data Synchronization Section:
  • Fetch the Booked venue data from Fusion into our system and update the system accordingly.
  • Synchronization of Hold venue status between Dynamic Pricing and Partyspace system through API.




Available Event:

Event Summary:

Booked Events:

Hold Events:

Admin Search:

Admin Location:

Update Rate:

Update Menu:


Booked Conflict:



Available Events

Event Summary

Event Summary

Booked Events

Hold Events


  The Result

JAM Catering has been able to realize its vision of having the real time venue booking data available for their sales reps thereby enhancing their ability to book the venues without being worried about the date conflicts that were arising earlier.