Client Background

The first program version of CSRS-FERS Benefits Calculator was developed in 1999 by a former civil servant who discovered that there were no one-stop retirement benefits resources for Federal Employees. The software was born out of a personal necessity and that led to the realization that others needed this information also. The client believes in providing an accurate, one-stop resource where employees can educate themselves and financial professionals can educate their Federal Employee clients about their unique and complex retirement benefits.


The existing application was desktop based and built on a very old platform i.e. Visual Basic 6. As is the case with other legacy software, this application also had problems installing on the newer versions of the Windows OS. The client wished to redevelop the application from the ground up both as a desktop as well as a web based SAAS application.


Rheal proposed a complete rewrite of the application using the latest programming platforms and proceeded to implement the same in a phased manner. We not only redeveloped a desktop application but also created a web version of the application with the feature of seamlessly saving the client files to the Google Drive.

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  The Result

The new applications addressed the shortcoming of its predecessor. The software installation issues of the desktop application were resolved and the web version received an overwhelming response from their customers as they could now access the data from anywhere and from any device.

"As a small business owner, it is essential that I have a reliable, knowledgeable, responsive & timely development team behind me. I have absolutely found that in Rheal. They listen intently to my requests and they not only deliver on that but they offer their perspective or offer suggestions based on their years of experience that are invaluable. My team (Ramnath and Ranjana) has a vested interest in my success and their responsiveness to my requests and needs consistently demonstrates that. If you have any concerns about doing business with a company over-seas, as I once did, you can lay those fears to rest. Vishal and his entire team are extremely professional, reliable and their costs are more than reasonable. Rheal is instrumental to our success and I highly, highly recommend them."

Melanie Williams-Irby
Vice President/Owner, Decision Support Software, LLC.