Client Background

The Pune Chapter of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) is one of 188 chapters in 58 countries around the world. At its core, EO is a collection of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on business growth, personal development and community engagement. In addition to our mission, vision and core values, our global makeup is comprised of nearly 13,000+ individual member stories.


The client was looking for a mobile solution to address the needs of a chapter-based association. It needed a structured approach to moving away from Whatsapp being the sole method of communicating with its members. The key features required were chapter event announcements, the ability to register for chapter events, the ability to rate and provide feedback for events, member benefits, complete chapter retreat agenda, scheduled notifications, etc. They needed something that was quick, slick & attractive yet simple to use unlike some of the other EO apps available that were not intuitive and painfully slow.


Rheal volunteered to build the solution as our founder is a board member of EO Pune chapter and felt Rheal was most suited to complete this app successfully. We designed the mobile app to be quick, responsive and extremely easy to use. The UI was designed from the ground up and was completely unlike any other EO app available out there. The app works in conjunction with the EO website and facilitates registering for events, scheduling multiple meetings across forum members (including conflict resolution like doodle), chapter retreat agendas, notifications, benefits, member info, forum info, etc. The app uses the EO API so that the information stays in sync with the information on the EO website. The app uses the same login credentials as the EO website so there is no need to enter any data. It knows who the user is, which forum he/she belongs to, who their forum buddies are, what chapter events are coming up, etc.


Attendance Points

Meeting Scheduling

Meeting Scheduling Notification

Meeting Availability Calendar

Event Registration

Event Details and Attendees

Member Profile



Forum Information

Edit Forum

Chapter Retreat

Chapter Retreat Day Wise Agenda

Chapter Retreat Agenda Details

Chapter Retreat Day Wise Agenda



Chapter Benefits Details

Notifications - Event

Notifications - Birthday

  The Result

With the help of Rheal's services, EO Pune was able to achieve their goal of providing a robust easy-to-use mobile app for their chapter members. Rheal continues to be the strategic development partner for the EO Pune and our services are helping them provide new features in the mobile app for their chapter members. The app was a huge success and was very well received, so much so it is being provided to 11 chapters worldwide. We expect that number to increase further very rapidly.