Client Background

The client has been providing exceptional event management solutions for catering companies around the globe for over 25 years. Their product Fusion evolved over that time period to provide a solid, reliable and very detailed approach to your catering business. The event management software provides solutions for small business taking a few orders a day to clients that will manage 1,200 or more orders a day. This system includes a cloud offering that operates in the Windows desktop environment for small organization as well as large enterprise solutions.


The client had an end to end solution for managing all the needs for catering companies. However, the existing products were confined to the desktops and cloud platforms. Their clients required the capabilities to be extended to the mobile platform so that all the corresponding parties would be able to easily collaborate on the go.

The challenge was that the existing suite of applications was developed over the years, had a very complex database structure and was diversified across different applications for different needs. The goal was to create a unified mobile application that was flexible to accommodate the integrations with the different desktop applications and provide the user a seamless experience.


Rheal proposed the use Xamarin Forms to build cross mobile platform application that would support both Android Phones and iPhones together. This significantly reduced the development effort and costs as opposed to choosing a technology that was mobile OS specific. Rheal worked in close collaboration with the client's team end to integrate the mobile application with their existing products. The mobile application was designed in such a way that the end users could easily switch between the different desktop products from within the same mobile app leading to a seamless user experience.

  The Result

The client is able to offer a seamless mobile experience to his clients effectively and effortlessly on the go from anywhere to manage their businesses. The desktop application and the mobile application integration with each other automatically and the end users are never out of touch with what needs to be done. Rheal continues to work with the client on other products to take their legacy applications forward.