Client Background

DataBid is a web-based software that provides Construction Leads and Project Information to the US and Canada based customers. Their goal is to provide their customers accurate information to their customers related to Projects and Bids, Companies and Contacts.


DataBid has three applications viz Customer, Admin and Sales all developed using very old technology. These applications were having problems that needs to be corrected and at the same time, change the application in newer technology. The client wished to redevelop these applications, one module at a time using new technology and release it immediately to live where other modules still in older technology.

Databid required a technology partner who could understand their existing application and rebuild it from scratch module by module, that could be deployed on the web server and would be robust. They also wanted to make sure that the application they are building would overcome the limitations of the existing application.


Rheal Software was chosen as their development partner to accomplish in developing new modules and maintaining the existing application till it is not redeveloped entirely.

Rheal proposed to develop new modules in newer technology and keep other modules in old technology and implement a bridge to connect old modules and new modules.

  The Result

The web-based application modules developed by our team resulted into effective attractive, and robust solution that met the exact requirements of the client which includes to have both old and new modules on LIVE at the same time.