Client Background

Sandlin Law Group provides a wide array of expert legal support. The practice areas include evictions, litigation, collections, family law matters, personal injury, criminal law, and more. Someone who owns a rental and needs to evict a non-paying tenant, and wishing to settle a dispute through mediation, or even someone just beginning to contemplate divorce, Sandlin offers the expertise and experience.


The client was manually tracking and managing the eviction process for each client through excel sheets. The staff was responsible for handling the eviction related data for each eviction which include the following steps:

  • Creating the eviction entry for the client.
  • Adding property details.
  • Adding multiple tenants for the client.
  • Adding notes/documents.
  • Communication with the client for various points and managing the documents.
  • Tracking the court hearing.

The above process was very cumbersome as the client had to manage the eviction through multiple excel sheets. In addition, they had to manage multiple documents from each client and it was difficult to track if they had indeed received the correct document or not as there was no formal communication channel. Also the data was not centralized which made the overall process quite complicated.

Sandlin Group required a technology partner who could understand their specific needs and have the technical expertise to build a solution to automate and digitize their overall process into an easy to use process.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic technology partner. Rheal understood the domain of their industry and developed a web based system which provided the following benefits:

  • Consolidated data into one central repository.
  • Reduced the overall time in managing the eviction.
  • Enabled the client to see the updated status of the eviction through the portal.
  • Enabled Sandlin staff to query/request the document from the client and enabled them to maintain those documents in a central location.
  • Enabled Sandlin staff to keep track of the overall progress of the eviction and to communicate to the client through a common channel through query/request section.

The system enabled the user to create the eviction entry for the client, add property details and tenants related to the property. Also, the details entered can be viewed and verified by the client as well. There is a common communication channel established between the client and the Sandlin Staff through which they are able to query or request documents and check their status. The system provides for a seamless flow of data between the Sandlin staff and the client thereby increasing the efficiency and trust between Sandlin Group and their clients.

Eviction List:
Add/Edit Eviction:
Add Documents and Notes:
Add Property in Eviction Add/Edit:
Add Multiple Tenant in Eviction Add/Edit:
Damage Hearing:
Update Court Details:
View Case Details:
New Collection List:
Add/Edit Collection:
Add Documents:
Add Property in Collection Add/Edit:
Add Multiple Tenant in Collection Add/Edit:
Add/Edit Question Request:
Question/Request Details (History):
View Full Notes:
Users List:
Add /Edit User:
Clients List:
Add/Edit Client:
Excel sheet - Eviction:
Excel sheet - Collection:

  The Result

With the new system in place, Sandlin Group has been able to realize its vision of automating their manual eviction process flow. They have been able to substantially reduce the manual work that was being done in the excel spreadsheets and hence eliminate the need for manual data entry. Sandlin users and their clients now have area time access to the eviction progress and are easily able to track the progress of all their eviction activities.