Client Background

Project Solution Ltd is a privately held limited company based in Cambridge, UK that specializes in cost effective and flexible Project & Work Management Solutions built on Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server. It consists of consultants having 10+ years real-world experience in delivering enterprise Project & Work Management Solutions based on SharePoint, Project Solution has catered to all markets be it Finance, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Education, IT, Government or Utilities.


Project Solution had realized that the out of the box functionality offered by Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server were not enough to meet the day to day operations of their clients and that each business is unique and a one size fits all approach cannot always be applied. They had an idea to help solve this issue and were looking for a strategic development partner with hands on expertise in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Project Server technologies, who could give shape to their vision.


Project Solution contracted with Rheal to build generic products and client specific customizations to address the limitations in Sharepoint and Project Server. Project Solution had the following ideas which Rheal helped develop:

  • Develop customizable generic products that would fill the gaps in the out-of-the-box implementations of Sharepoint and Project Server and help clients achieve their day to day activities with ease.
  • Develop business specific solutions that may not be necessarily generic in nature but which were very crucial for the business to meet their end goals.

Rheal developed over 40 generic "products" that sit on top of Project Server/Sharepoint and have made the day to day operations for the clients a walk in the park. We have built customizations in key areas such as:

  • Project Planning
  • Resource Planning
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Workflows
  • Branding
  • Reporting

Besides the above generic products, Rheal also developed custom solutions for many large clients to customize and automate their business needs.

  The Result

Using Rheal's services, Project Solution was able to develop a wide range of products that can handle almost any business requirement for businesses with 50-10,000 users. This helped them widen their target market and grow exponentially and Rheal continues to be their primary development partner to build enhancements for any new target market.