Client Background

Cainsoft is a software consulting firm specializing in the asset management industry. It develops products geared towards managing the purchase of Securities and Bonds. FIXOMS is one of their main products.


The client needed to make the FIXOMS product more robust & improve its performance and reliability in a timely manner to target new customers. At the same time, the client wanted to enhance their service to their existing clients by fulfilling their new requirements.

However the client faced the following problems in implementing the above plan

  • The business logic was scattered across the various sections, partly in the presentation layer and partly in the business object layer of the application. Consolidating the entire business logic in one central layer was a complicated task as it required re-architecting the application from the inside out. The short delivery time was very aggressive and complicated matters.
  • Further, the application also suffered from performance issues as the retrieval of data in certain areas of the application was very slow.
  • Lastly, the client wanted to implement new functionality in the existing application while we developed the new one thereby having the need to propagate the code changes from the old application to the new one every time a new feature was to be implemented.


Cainsoft engaged Rheal for the rewrite of the business logic layer. To fix the above listed issues, Rheal suggested the redevelopment to be implemented in a phased manner over a period of a few months. We implemented the following key features in the new application to help improve the user experience and application performance:

  • Moved all the business logic of the entire application into a centralized repository such as SQL Server as it provided the advantages of superior performance and easier maintainability of the code. It also provided for superior error handling and easy integration with other front end tools, thereby providing the flexibility and portability to the web and mobile applications in the near future.
  • Optimized the stored procedures which contained multi-step complex functionalities and also created/tunes indexes for enhanced performance resulting in a more responsive user experience and a robust and scalable application.
  • Prioritized the tasks and created a schedule which allowed the client to implement the changes related to the business logic consolidation while at the same time to be able to introduce the code changes for the new requirements with ease.
  • Several test cases were created to ensure that the new logic remained intact and was in line with the expectations of the existing logic while, at the same, was able to accommodate the new requirement as well.

  The Result

The new version of the software was more robust, scalable and highly efficient. The user experience was greatly improved by the faster performance of the application. By implementing the inside out approach, Rheal was not only able to produce a highly maintainable product but also provided Cainsoft the advantage to target new markets in quick time as the new version was filled with several new enhancements.

"Cainsoft is a software consulting firm specializing in the asset management industry, and our relationship with Rheal is crucial to our development and support process. We have adopted an agile development environment allowing us to prioritize issues and plan releases across multiple applications and projects. Rheal's knowledge of our business provides value far beyond "outsourced programming", they are an integral part of our team."

Robert Cain
Founder, Cainsoft Limited