Client Background

CIMA Technology Inc. manufactures and distributes ophthalmic products for the international market. The company designs, manufactures and distributes intraocular lenses, visco-surgical devices and staining solutions used during cataract surgery.


Cimatech was maintaining the entire workflow of the production line, inventory, customer orders, packing and shipment details in excel sheet manually.

  • It was a tedious and a time-consuming process which would affect the productivity of the staff.
  • Though each process in the manufacturing cycle had a separate excel sheet, it became a bottleneck to update the data when several users wanted to update it.
  • Maintaining the audit log of changes made to the excel sheet was not possible.
  • Reports were manually created referring to the data in the excel sheet.


Entire lifecycle from production to shipment of lenses was analysed and a digital solution was proposed and developed.

  • Forms in the application and printable slips generated were nearly mimicked like excel sheet, this reduced the learning curve of the staff.
  • Audit log of every change in the data was maintained.
  • Various reports were made which helped the client to analyse the production efficiency and track the delivery time and several other benefits.
Lens Production Status List For Each Lot:

Lenses of different style and diopter go through various stages/statuses in the production cycle. This list shows the stage of various production lot and the quantity of lenses of different style and diopter.

Add New Lot/Edit Status Of A Lens Lot:

This screen allows to add and edit the status of the lot and also reject lenses if they fail the test at any stage in the production.

Inventory - Excel Maintained Manually:

Client use to maintain the inventory list in the excel sheet by tracking the lot status manually.

Digital Version Of The Inventory:

Inventory list generated automatically through the application once the status of a lot reaches the final stage. Combination add lens production form; production list and inventory list helped the client to track the status of the lot through the application.

Customer Order Summary:

This screen helps the client to create customer orders and see details of customer orders for different style and diopter of the lenses. All the available lenses from inventory are listed matching the style and dioptre of the customer work order.

Customer Order Detail:

Client can select the lenses to be added from the available list to the customer order. Lenses of the shelves may be rejected; therefore, rejection of lenses are allowed at this stage as well.

Customer Order - Assign Boxes:

Once the lenses are selected, it allows to allot the box number for each lens. The box numbers are allotted as the lenses are packed in various boxes.

Production Slip Filled Manually:
Production Slip Generated By The Application:
Box/Dispatch Slip Filled Manually:
Box/Dispatch Slip By The Application:
Administration Screens Menus:

Various administration screens are provided which help to set default values and view reports.

  The Result

The digital transformation of the excel sheet-based workflow to a web-based application helped the client in the following,

  • Productivity of the staff increased.
  • Lead time for the delivery of the products to the customers decreased considerably.
  • Multiple staff users were able to login to the application concurrently to edit the data.