Client Background

The client offers products that are specifically designed for CAMA and Tax & Billing professionals and has incorporated these respective functions in one integrated property tax system. They have extensive backgrounds and business knowledge in the areas of local government, Information Technology (IT), assessment, tax and billing and has been meeting the technical and business needs of its clients for nearly 22 years. They have embraced the use of software technology as a method to improve the quality, speed, and economic benefits derived by their customers.


The client had spent a significant amount of time meeting with Assessors, Property Valuation Administrators (PVAs), Auditors, Treasurers, State Officials, Legislators, and other Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in India and Kentucky to document their workflow and processes as they pertain to the management of property assessment, property tax and billing.

Based on the above expertise, they had created a very successful suite of desktop applications to achieve the above functionalities. They were looking to enhance their existing application by developing a cloud version of their existing applications from ground up in terms a suite of web portals that would take the legacy forward.

They required a technology partner who could understand their existing system and help them redevelop the system from ground up so that could be deployed in the cloud as it needed to be robust and scalable. They also wanted to ensure that the new products they developed would overcome the limitations of the existing products and would future proof them from the ever-changing needs of their clients.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic offshore vendor to begin redeveloping one of their key products. The existing legacy product had been developed over many years and was massive in terms of the scope of the application. Hence, we decided to develop this application in a methodical approach by splitting the entire application into smaller phases. The system consists of the following features:


Bill Details:




Sales Disclosures Dashboard:

Submitted Disclosures:

Disclosure Form:

  The Result

Rheal was able to successfully redevelop the suite of desktop applications into one consolidated web based property tax collection system. Rheal continues to work with the client to fulfill their ongoing development needs.