Client Background

JAM Catering helps setup and plan wedding and specials events right from beginning. They create catered events that perfectly blend innovative cuisine and extraordinary hospitality in unforgettable settings. They also make delightful and delicious food and service it to the guests with heartfelt hospitality.


The client was manually tracking each event and its progress using Excel spreadsheets. They had event planner staff members solely responsible for manually entering the details into the spreadsheet. There was also paper work involved to take inputs from their clients(bride/groom) and fill it in the Excel sheets.

All this manual work included the following activities:

  • Create event for the client.
  • Prepare questionnaire for the client to get details/requirements of the event in order to better plan the event.
  • Create event planning, schedule it, setup different tasks and assign it to different participants.
  • Prepare event schedule and have it reviewed by the reviewer.
  • Print the event schedule for particular participants and give it to them for processing.

The above process was done manually through excel sheets. It was a cumbersome process as they had to create a separate excel sheet for every event and sometimes it led to the creation of multiple excel sheets for the same project during the communication with different participants. In addition, they had no easy way of consolidating the data as copying the data from every excel sheet was a tedious task.

JAM Catering required a technology partner who could understand their specific needs and have the technical expertise to build a solution to automate and digitize their overall process into an easy-to-use Event Planner System.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic technology partner. Rheal understood the domain of their industry and developed a web-based Event Planner System which provided the following benefits:

  • Consolidated data into one central repository
  • Allowed admin to prepare default setup of questionnaire for a particular venue and configure almost all the settings for better event planning
  • Provided an easy way of planning and scheduling event for the planner
  • Added fields/questions for specific events wherever required
  • Reduced the overall time in creating, planning and scheduling events
  • Enabled the client to see the updated status of the event easily
  • Enabled effective communication between the planner and reviewer
  • Enabled easy printing for the required data as needed
  • Increased the overall efficiency of the system by providing real-time data

The system enables the admin user to setup defaults for the venues so that the it became very easy for the planner to setup and schedule the events at that venue without worrying that they had forgotten something.

Sections for input fields:
Input fields under sections:
Editing Section Field:
Scheduling Tasks:
Default Setting for Venue:
Fields under Sections for Venue:
Define the output screens:
Setting up output screens:
Output screen fields:
User Management:
Planner User - Event:
Planner User - Event Setup:
Planner User - Event Information:
Planner User - Event Contact Information:
Planner User - Vendor Contact Information:
Planner User - Input screen for Planning of Event:
Planner User - Output screen:
Planner User - Equipments/Inventory:
Planner User - Schedule Tasks for Event:
Planner User - Event Schedule report for participant:
Planner User - Reviewer Comments:

  The Result

With the new system in place, JAM Catering has completely automated their manual process. They have been able to substantially reduce the manual work that was being done in the excel spreadsheets and hence eliminate the need for manual data entry. They now have access to real time access to event data and are easily able to track and monitor the events for productivity and efficiency.