Client Background

The client is a product development firm which is focused on providing paperless office solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Their DMS (document management system) product provides a paperless solution for small businesses across industries such as production/manufacturing, insurance, accounting, staffing, auto dealership etc. For their banking industry clients, they aim to make the process of storage and transport of checks between banks (for account resolution) a paperless one and thus eliminate transport costs. This is managed by their other application called POD (proof of deposit).


The client was looking for a software development partner, who could help maintain their existing products, improve their performance and also build new enhancements. They were looking for someone with a deep understanding of database optimization techniques and an ability to understand the complexities of the existing code. Since they were looking for a long term partnership, they also wanted to ensure that the recurring cost of maintaining the code was kept to a minimum and hence preferred a partnership with an offshore development partner.


Rheal was chosen as their strategic partner almost 7 years ago and we started development by adding support for additional check scanners to their POD product. We then worked extensively to optimize the application's database interaction so as to improve the performance and provide a better user experience. Subsequently, we started work on the DMS application. We initially added additional document indexing capabilities to the application and then went on to optimize the database access code so as to improve the performance of the application. The changes made to the applications resulted in better acceptance of the applications by users and we then went on to create a variant of the application to target businesses in other verticals as well.

Retrieves Historical and Current transactions and displays check images etc at the bottom for each record selected in the grid.

Screen that scans the cheques - scan is disabled because the scanner is not attached.

Transactions belonging to Batches are listed. Selecting a batch takes one to a screen where each transaction can be edited.

Transactions within a Batch that need to be balanced are listed. Clicking on a batch takes one to a screen where the transactions can be edited and balanced.

Data can be exported to a file in a particular format.

Statements are imported into the system from a file. Validations are done for each account on the basis of the transactions.

After Statements are validated they can be printed. Either all of them or selected ones.

Setting screen to selecting a scanner that will be used.

Screen to add scanners which can then be selected in the setting screen.

Settings which will be used when we do the Repair process for transactions belonging to a batch.

Settings of how the statements should be printed. Will check\deposit images be printed? How many images per page, etc.

Settings to select an export file format, a folder where these files will be placed and other settings.

Settings for different Forms\Transaction types.

Screen to select what kind of File imports can be done. Ability to set it up.

Screen that allows one to backup databases, images and perform other processes at the end of day.

  The Result

Almost 7 years after the first project, Rheal continues to be the strategic development partner for the client and our services have contributed for the high level of user satisfaction.